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Be Bold.
Be Unique.
Be You.

Be Bold. Be Unique. Be You.

Fitness being available to anybody, any level, anywhere is the most important thing to us. Movéo (moo-vay-oh!) is Latin for "to move". Our mission is to create a community around our products where everyone is accepted and celebrates their boldness, uniqueness, and authenticity.

From the people
From the people
“I’m thrilled!!!! I could not do this before the band I swear! My knee would give out completely...I really think with rehab the correct resistance is so important!”
From the people
“I just got my Moveo Yoga Mat and now I know I’ve never had a quality mat ever.”
From the people
“The Towel is 1. Freaking adorbale 2. The size is perfect for covering my bench. 3. It is soft and durable.”

Move with Movéo

Training for Weight Loss with a Resistance Band

Resistance bands help you tone up and lose weight with the right strategy in place. Let's get down to basics. Cardio is primarily regarded as the fastest way to burn calories; however, they also help strengthen your muscles.

The Mindset Behind Sticking to Your Workout

Getting in shape is a goal for many but is hard to stick to without the right mindset in place. Ready to crush your workouts and stick with it? Use these tips to stay motivated and reimagine what's possible for your fitness journey.

Ways to Stay Fit During Holiday Travel

The holidays are upon us. Instead of giving in to over-indulging, balance it with new fitness goals while enjoying a tasty feast. Make your goal getting in some exercise, fresh air, and keeping yourself from that turkey coma.