Struggling With Fitness Motivation

5 Tips If You Are Struggling With Motivation

Whoever created the saying "starting is the hardest part" knew exactly what they were talking about. I think almost everyone has, at one point in their life, found themselves in a fitness slump. The million dollar question is, "What do we do about it??"

             5 Tips To Finding Your Fitness Mojo 

>> Reassess Your Workout Goal 

I know, I know. What I am about to say will go against the grain of all of the Instagram influencer cheerleaders of setting your goal super high so you will work that much harder to achieve it, but let's be real here. If you're like me, when you start a routine you immediately tell yourself that you are going to workout every single day for an hour a day. Then around day 3, life happens and you miss your workout and just like that, before you have even truly gotten started, you get derailed. At this point, there is no way you can succeed in reaching your goal that week because you already missed a workout so what is the point in continuing?

Does this sound familiar (please tell me I am not the only one)?

I have found that if I lower my goal so it's more attainable, I have a more positive outcome. For example, if just starting is the issue, tell yourself you are only going to workout for 5 minutes a day, 3 days a week. Chance are, once you get started, you will go longer than the 5 minutes, but it takes an attainable goal to get you to start. The shorter, less frequent workouts make it an easier task on the to-do list and you will find yourself crossing them off more frequently. Once you drink the kool-aid, start increasing your time and frequency. 


>> Change Your Location 

The gym can be downright intimidating at times. Especially if the only time you can work out is during the peak times at the gym. Instead of skipping the workout because you are uncomfortable with your surroundings, take your workout outside, or even in your living room! You don't have to have a gym full of equipment to get a good workout. Movement and consistency are more important than setting. I particularly enjoy working out outside during the sunrise. 


>> Stop Comparing & Start Picturing YOUR Goal Body 

Visualize the future YOU. What is it that you want to see in the mirror? Stop looking to Instagram and fitness magazines for your goal body because no matter what you do or how hard you work, you will never see that person in the mirror. Your progress will be overshadowed by your perceived opinion of perfection. The most important thing to remember:

We are not selling perfection here. We know that fitness is available to any BODY, anywhere, any workout, any surface. It is our mission to spread that message far and wide (feel free to help us).

>> Buy A New Outfit OR Fitness Accessory 

This is actually how Movéo Fit Co. was born. I was struggling with motivation and I needed a little excitement in my routine, so I contacted my now business partner who is a graphic designer and I asked her if she could design a Christmas yoga mat for me. Then I changed my mind and wanted a donut mat, and then we came up with all the designs you see on our website today. 

While the mats were in creation, I went and purchased 5 shirts and 5 pairs of pants - one outfit for each day of the week - so I could eliminate the excuse that I couldn't work out because I didn't have anything comfortable to wear. 

>> Try A New Class 

Most studios, whether it is crossfit, pilates, yoga, cycle, or a combination of two or three, will offer your first class for free. What do you have to lose? Give it a shot! If you are uncomfortable going alone, find a buddy and schedule to grab a coffee after the class. I have always found that my friends will show up when coffee is involved! 



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