How to Add Convenience to Your Workout with MiniBand Sets

How to Add Convenience to Your Workout with MiniBand Sets

MiniBands offer an empowering workout but are shorter and broader than resistance bands. They're ideal for packing-up and heading to the gym, exercising outdoors, or taking with you while traveling. Learn more about the best ways to use MiniBand sets to get your body moving and take a renewed interest in your health.


Yoga and MiniBand sets pair well together to increase your resistance and endurance. As you stand in Bridge Pose, you can use resistance bands to help build up your lower body strength and glutes. Our MiniBands are also perfect for arm pulses and lunges to help build your upper body strength.

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Buti Yoga

If you love yoga and dance, you can combine the two with Buti yoga. It's a workout that creates a cardio-dance yoga workout. Grabbing a MiniBand set levels up your results by adding resistance to lunges, arm stretches, pulses, and more.


It's easy to add our MiniBand sets with your favorite Pilates exercise. The idea is to use a MiniBand anytime you need to add more resistance. For example, when working on plank leg lifts, raise your leg about a foot and bring it back down with the band attached to both ankles.

Strength Training

You don't necessarily need to grab the weights to build muscle. A 2019 study shows that training using resistance bands can strengthen your muscles as effectively as traditional weights. But unlike weights, MiniBands fit easily into your bag and could prevent injury from over-use or accidentally dropping them.

Physical Therapy

Despite all their strength-training capabilities, MiniBand sets are also ideal for physical therapy. They help isolate exercise to specific muscles that need strength after surgery or an injury.


MiniBands are perfect for warm-ups and pre-workout exercises. Adding them to shoulder circles, lateral raises, and side bends add more resistance to your workout to slowly warm up your muscles and improve your results. 

Leg Workouts

Give your leg workouts a boost with MiniBands. Everything from squats to lateral band walks and glute bridges benefits from a resistance band or MiniBand. Try them with any leg workout, where you can easily slip on a band and increase the level of output and resistance.

Arm Workouts

Just like leg exercises, arm workouts also benefit from MiniBand sets. Use them to help build strength in your upper body, increase mobility, and improve your overall flexibility. Seated resistance band bicep curls, single-arm lateral raises with a static hold, and MiniBand pull-aparts can all help build strength.

Ab Workouts

Resistance bands and core exercises help develop your abdominals, obliques, and pelvic stability. A banded bridge, banded dead bug, and banded plank walk are all quick, easy to redefine your abs routine for a stronger core. 

What Type of MiniBand Sets Should I Buy?

MiniBand sets come in different resistance levels to help you achieve your movement and fitness goals. Moveo offers five levels of resistance: 

  • X-Light- 5-10 lbs 
  • Light- 10-15 lbs
  • Medium- 15-20 lbs
  • Heavy- 25-30 lb
  • X-Heavy- 30-40 lbs

Consider your goals and which resistance level you need to help get the results you're looking for. Or buy a few sets to accommodate your favorite exercises throughout the week.

Shop for the Best MiniBad Sets 

You'll find plenty of MiniBand sets and resistance bands to choose from, but not all are health-focused or environmentally friendly. Movéo creates eco-friendly, vegan products designed to help you keep your body moving. They're also fun and stylish and help motivate you to hit your movement and fitness goals. 

Browse our entire selection of MiniBand sets, cooling towels, exercise mats, floor discs, foldable travel mats, resistance bands, and more to empower yourself to succeed.

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