At-Home Ab Workout Abs-olutely Everyone Can Do

At-Home Ab Workout Abs-olutely Everyone Can Do

Are you looking for a belly blasting workout?


Do you need a muffin top toner?


If you are looking for a workout that will abs-olutely grind your gut, we have one for you! Don't be fooled by this workout on paper. It will have your belly burning so you can say goodbye to stubborn belly fat once and for all.

Like most of the workouts in our Fall Challenge*, you will work for 45 seconds and transition for 15 seconds. Repeat all 6 exercises for 5 rounds.

Squat with Oblique Crunch

>> Start standing tall with your feet between hip-width and shoulder-width apart; toes pointing forward.

>> Sit back into a squat with your thighs almost parallel to the floor making sure your heels stay on the ground and your knees stay over toes.

>> As you straighten your knees to stand, lift your right knee while bending to the right to bring your right elbow and knee together, doing a side crunch.

>> Straighten your spine as you bring your right foot to the floor, and bend both knees, coming back into a squat.

>> This completes one rep.

>> Alternate sides for 45 seconds

Standing Knee Cross Crunch

>> Stand tall with your feet little wider than the shoulder-width apart.

>> Raise your right arm straight up. Engage the abs.

>> Twist your body and bring your right elbow down and across your body. At the same time lift your left knee up as high as you can across your body to meet the right elbow.

>> Return back to starting position and switch sides.

>> Alternate sides for 45 seconds

Toe Taps

>>Lie on your back with both arms above your head.

>> Raise your legs to a 90-degree angle.

>> Lifting your torso off the floor, try to touch your fingertips up to your toes.

>> Release back down to starting position.

>> Repeat for 45 seconds


Russian Twist

>> Lie down on the floor placing your feet on the mat. Your legs should be bent at the knees.

>> Elevate your upper body so that it creates an imaginary V-shape with your thighs.

>> Twist your torso to the right side until your arms are parallel with the floor while breathing out. If you are holding a weight, twist and touch the weight to the floor.

>> Hold the contraction for a second and move back to the starting position while breathing out.

>> Now move to the opposite side performing the same techniques you applied to the right side.

>> Alternate sides for 45 seconds

Butterfly Kicks

>> Start by lying flat on your mat with your arms by your sides and your palms down. For additional support, you can place the hands under your booty.

>> Extend your legs fully out with a slight bend in your knees.

>> Lift your heels about 6 inches off the floor.

>> Make small, rapid up and down scissor-like motions with your legs.

>> Keep your hands on the floor and ensure that your back and upper body are in a straight position.Keep your head on the mat when performing the kicking motion.

>> Repeat for 45 seconds

Basic Crunch

>> Lie flat on your mat with knees bent and feet on the mat. Hands at the base of your head and elbows pointed out.

>> Using your abdominals bring your head and shoulders off the mat and come up into a crunch, then lower with control.

>> Try not to grip your head with your fingers or pull on your neck during the movement.


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*Always consult a physician before starting a new exercise routine

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