Benefits of Adding Resistance Bands to Your Workout

Benefits of Adding Resistance Bands to Your Workout

Benefits of Adding Bands to Your Workout 


If you follow any fitness personalities on social media, you’ve probably seen them squatting, lunging, and using the step mill with resistance bands around their thighs.


If you’re curious about the craze and want to know if resistance bands are really effective for building your booty, then you’ve come to the right place.


We’re going to give you the rundown on what the bands are, how they work, and the reasons why you should incorporate them into your training.


What are Resistance Bands for Your Booty?


Resistance bands that form a loop and go around your calves or thighs are designed to activate your glutes and target your booty during a variety of lower body exercises.


They go by a lot of names, including the copyrighted “Booty Band,” as well as mini bands, butt bands, hip bands, or resistance bands.


They are usually a flat, wide loop and can be made from a variety of stretchy materials.  The ones made from latex tend to roll up and sometimes snap, where high-quality fabric options are both safer and more stable.


You can purchase them in a variety of tension strengths, so they are suitable for users at every fitness level.


Why Should I Use Resistance Bands?


Our glutes are tricky muscles.  They are some of the largest in our body, and they have several moving parts.


Traditional booty exercises may target only one portion of your glutes, and it’s nearly impossible to work them to fatigue because they are so strong.  It’s far more likely that your hamstrings or quadriceps will give out before your backside is done.


However, if you incorporate bands into your lower body workout, you force your booty to work harder with every movement.


For example, adding a band around your thighs during a squat will trigger your glutes not only to assist with the squat but also to stabilize your thighs and protect your knees on the way down and up.


This will trigger that “saddlebag” outer thigh area (that’s actually your gluteus medius) and can also help you maintain perfect form during the movement.


By incorporating this portable and effective piece of equipment, you’ll increase your calorie burn and fatigue the muscle group more fully.


That means you’ll build and tone your booty, which will give you the round peach-like appearance you want if you stick with your exercise and programs.


Five Reasons to Buy a Set of Bands


Still not sold?  Here are five more reasons why you should invest in a set of bands for your workouts.


  1. They are perfect for all fitness levels!  
    You can select a band with a resistance that works for you and feel the burn no matter what your level.  Beginners will learn good form cues and techniques, and advanced athletes can take any movement up a notch by adding tension.


  1.  They’re inexpensive!
    When people talk about investing in a piece of fitness equipment, I don’t know about you, but I immediately see dollar signs.  Luckily, resistance bands are an affordable way to grow your exercise library by hundreds of movements for less than $30.


  1.  They’re portable!
    Whether you’re someone who travels frequently or you prefer to work out at home, you’ll love the portability and convenience of a set of resistance bands.  They pack easily into a suitcase, and unlike free weights, they aren’t difficult to move around or carry.


  1.  Plateau Buster!
    If you’re stuck in a fitness rut or weight loss plateau, then a resistance band might be your knight in shining armor.  It’s amazing how much a band around your thighs can change up even the most basic exercises, like time on the Elliptical, squats, or lunges.


  1.  They’re proven!
    Don’t take our word for it.  There are scientific studies that examine how effective different methods are at shaping your glutes, and resistance bands come out on top.  Do a bit of research, and you’ll be a believer



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