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What to Look for with the Best Gym Bags for Women

If you're going to haul your workout accessories and gear to the gym, you should do it with organized style. The best gym bags for women are multifunctional, durable, and keep you motivated to stick to your goals and help simplify your day. 

Not sure where to start your shopping journey? Here's what to look for in your next gym bag.


Best Gym Bag for Women  - Multipurpose - Moveo Fit CoWhen you live a busy life, you need more than a singular gym bag for women. Instead, reach for a multipurpose option that organizes your workout, a weekend trip, and your day-to-day work or mom life. Opt for multiple pockets that hold everything you need in a day to keep everything safe and neatly stored. 

Bottle Sleeve

Your water thermos or coffee bottle needs its own pocket in your gym bag. A high-quality bag features at least two internal bottle sleeves to help plan your day from start to finish. But if you want to keep your iced coffee or water cold, add a thermal cooler bag to your wish list for the best gym bags for women. It's multifunctional and neatly stores your breakfast or lunch to help you stick to your healthy eating plan. 

Dust Bag

Dust quickly ages the inside of your gym bag and shoes. A gym bag with an included dust bag helps keep the buildup at bay and protects your bag from germs and dirt picked up at the gym. 

A simple dust bag could also protect your health. Studies show that the outside of shoes averaged 421,000 units of bacteria, compared with 2,887 on the inside. Fecal bacteria also appeared on 96% of the shoes! Without the proper protection, those germs end up floating around your gym bag and potentially infecting your personal items.

Laptop Pocket

Even a few drops of water on your keyboard, crumbs in your USB port and accidental drops will quickly destroy your laptop. Not all gym bags for women go far enough to protect items like laptops, as they're not created with multi-functionality in mind. Instead, you need a gym bag designed with a specific laptop pocket that tucks your device away from your gym gear and other items. When you get to work, it's safe and dry and stored away from your water bottle, lunch, and weekend items.

External Phone Pocket

Phones are integral to a good workout when you rely on music and podcasts to keep your motivation strong. They should be handy and easy to dig out your gym bag without dumping everything out to find it. Instead of a specialized pocket, opt for an external phone pocket instead. It makes life easier inside and out of the gym, whether you're in a rush at work or throwing together a quick bag for the weekend.


Best Gym Bag for Women  - Durability - Moveo Fit Co.jpegA gym bag for women will inevitably take a beating. They get tossed on gym shelves, floors, and the back of your car and often do double duty as a work and weekend bag. An option like PU vegan leather looks and feels incredible without compromising on durability. It wipes down easily and looks sophisticated enough to take out for a night on the town.


When your workout feels chaotic, it's challenging to stay motivated. A highly efficient gym bag won't do the work for you but does help you stay organized. You'll quickly eliminate excuses and stay focused on your commitment to move more and reclaim your health.


Price is always a consideration when selecting the best gym bags for women. The price point should be affordable enough to satisfy your budget but not too cheap. You're unlikely to get the same quality and durability if it's too inexpensive. When you shop with Movéo, you can also take advantage of interest-free installments.

Choose the Carry All by Movéo Fit Co

There are plenty of great options on the market, but not all meet the criteria for the best gym bags for women. The Carry All by Movéo comes with everything you need, from thermal cooler bags to internal pockets and sleeves. We also included an inner pocket with a zipper for valuables and a removable shoulder strap to simplify your day.

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