Best Woman-Owned Fitness Company in Alabama

Best Woman-Owned Fitness Company in Alabama

If you want to get moving and redefine your fitness goals, why not also support the Best Woman-Owned Fitness Company in Alabama simultaneously?

Movéo Fit Co is a woman-owned company based in Birmingham, Alabama, that serves customers locally and coast to coast. Our mission is to help you own and create a community of acceptance where we celebrate your boldness, uniqueness, and authenticity. We love the support from our customers and fans, as well as supporting you in your journey to keep moving and improve your overall health. 

We Empower You to Work-Out Anywhere

There's no need to miss out on valuable time getting fit and keeping your body moving because of a business trip or vacation. Our fitness accessories help you move no matter where you are. We create colorful resistance band sets, bags, sliding floor disks, towels, foldable mats, workout accessories, and more. We also offer bundles to make it easy to grab everything you need to empower your workout at home or on the road.

We Offer Innovative and Unique Designs

As the best woman-owned fitness company in Alabama, we want to make sure our customers enjoy products that stand out and are as unique as they are. We create innovative designs for everything from our mats to resistance bands and towels. They're as fun to use as they are to make.

We Create High-Quality Accessories

Beyond creating empowering and innovative products, we're obsessed with making sure they're high-quality and durable. For example, our multi-purpose carry-all bag was designed for workouts, weekend trips, and mom life, and a tote for work or play that's durable yet flexible enough to meet your lifestyle.

We packed in everything you'd need, from a thermal cooler bag to a laptop pocket, phone pocket, bottle sleeves, and dust bag for shoes, among other features. Our goal is to keep you moving without worrying about ruining your gear, accessories, or bag itself.

Our Products Are Highly-Rated 

More importantly than making great products, we care what our customers think and their desire to support the best woman-owned fitness company in Alabama.

"As a personal trainer, I'm particular about the items I order for use with clients. I received my 2nd order today, and as expected, the items are fabulous! I ordered the Cactus cooling towel, Black Geo resistance bands & Marbled exercise mat. High-quality, fast delivery & great prices. Thanks, Becky!" - Karen Sears

"I can't say enough about this company. I have ordered several items, I had minor issues with two of the items, and they were quick to respond and immediately made it right. Highly recommend-!!" - Shelly Lynn

"I freaking love my Movéo products. The quality is top notch, and it truly brings a lot of push and sweat to my workouts. It also helps me actually be motivated to work out, which is a huge bonus. You will not be disappointed! 10000000000% worth it!" - Ashley McGarrahan

We Make Moving Fun for Kids and Parents

Are you concerned about your kids getting enough activity in their lives? The CDC recommends children ages 6 through 17 need at least 60-minutes of active time every day. Some of that can be achieved at recess or playtime, but kids often fall short of their goals due to busy lifestyles and a tendency to favor screen time. 

Most fitness companies are only focused on adults, but we also create products so kids can get moving alongside their parents. We make kid-friendly towels, mats, and other items with fun, age-appropriate designs. They'll love getting outdoors to stretch, get fit, and move alongside you when they have their own accessories that empower them to succeed and have fun.

We're Also Focused on Your Health

Germs quickly fester on fitness accessories and can make you sick. With a focus on health, we decided to introduce Spritz. This plant-based anti-bacterial spray is safe to use on mats and other accessories. It kills 99.99% of germs and is eco-friendly, phosphate and paraben free that's free from animal testing. Just spray on any of your Movéo products for a healthier way to work-out and get moving.

Ready to take control of your health and fitness while supporting the best woman-owned fitness company in Alabama? Browse our entire selection of exercise mats, floor discs, foldable travel mats, resistance bands, and more.

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