Fashionable Exercise Mats for Women

Fashionable Exercise Mats for Women

Whether nature, colors, or texture inspire you, there's a fashionable exercise mat that will keep you working toward your goals. Our mats are also vegan and eco-friendly, so you're making an impact on your body and not the environment.

Redefine your goals for movement and success, like squeezing in a morning workout a few days a week. Then grab one of your favorite mats to keep the momentum going. 

Boho Babe Premium Exercise Mat

Made with a microfiber suede top, our Boho Babe fashionable exercise mat features a non-slip surface. The dreamy design pairs perfectly with a morning of yoga or stretching outdoors. Unlike other mats on the market, you'll stay put on Boho Babe while you're working out and can even increase the grip by misting it lightly with your favorite essential oil or water. 


The Kaleidoscope exercise mat for women features artwork from CallieWood Art with a non-slip surface and black carrying strap. It's eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, and perfect for hot yoga, at-home fitness, or moving your body outdoors. Machine wash gently and lay flat to dry for a refreshed exercise mat.

Pastel Waves

Enjoy the soft, pastel vibe of the Pastel Waves exercise mat. It's 72" x 24" x 4 MM thick for a comfortable mat to spread out, stretch, and get your body moving. Settle into its soft microfiber suede top and non-slip surface for a safe and comfortable workout. 

Stop, Drop, Meditate

Explore your mind while working out on this Stop, Drop, Meditate fashionable travel mat for women. It packs up quickly in the included bag and travels with you anywhere you want to go. Work out on the road, at the beach, or in your own backyard and enjoy its meditative vibes and colorful design.

Beach Vibes

Feel the waterfront vibes with our Beach Vibes exercise mat for women. Add this option to your travel mat collection for its lightweight portability and convenience. Fold it and roll it up in your bag for exploring and set it up in seconds anywhere you feel inspired.

Making Waves

Make some waves with our Making Waves exercise mat. It's fun, fashionable, and makes moving your body easy. Pair it with your favorite floor discs or exercise towels to complete your look.

Rose Gold Revenge

Getting fit, healthy, and moving your body more is the perfect revenge for what's bothering you in life. The Rose Gold Revenge exercise mat features electrifying blue and pink in a fun pattern that keeps you feeling inspired and engaged. Just mist lightly with water or essential oil to increase the grip.

Cosmic Marble

Feel the cosmos calling with this vibrant Cosmic Marble exercise mat. It rolls up easily and tucks away after your morning exercise or last-minute afternoon workout. With a head-turning design, you'll love adding this mat to your collection.

Do You Really Need an Exercise Mat?

You don't necessarily need an exercise mat, especially if not having one is going to deter you from working out. But you open up your options when you have one handy, especially if they're comfortable, stylish, and portable. You stay motivated to work out, whether you need to sit on the ground or are outdoors at the beach. 

Exercise mats can also help give you some cushion you need while protecting you from bacteria and germs on the ground. They also tend to be versataile. Take one with you and use it for an impromptu picnic or chat with friends at the park.

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