The Importance of Using Fitness Spritz

The Importance of Using Fitness Spritz

Getting more active to build strength, feel great, and improve mobility are worthwhile goals, but make sure you do it safely. Beyond choosing the right equipment and accessories, it's also vital to think about your exposure to germs. 

Unfortunately, staphylococcus infections and MRSA can live on essential fitness gear and make you sick. The good news is a simple cleanser, like Spritz by Movéo, safely kills germs without negatively affecting your health or environment. 

Not sure if you really need a good spritz? Here's what to know about the importance of using Fitness Spritz.

Kills Germs

Unfortunately, working out at home or the gym could make you sick. Did you know free weights can have up to 362 times more germs than a toilet seat? Although you reduce your odds of exposing yourself to germs by using your own equipment, it still introduces you to harmful bacteria and germs.

Our Spritz by Movéo anti-bacterial spray is a must-have for your mats, props, equipment, and exercise accessories. It kills 99.99% of germs, creating a healthier environment to work out. 

Plant-Based Formula

Our Spritz is plant-based, with ingredients like coconut oil derivatives. But just because it's packed with plant-based doesn't mean it's not practical. It still kills a staggering 99.99% of germs. 

The goal is to pick the right blend of ingredients that safely disinfects your equipment and accessories. Our Fitness Spritz uses coconut oil, which naturally contains lauric acid and has natural antimicrobial properties.


We care about how our products impact our customers and the planet. Instead of sourcing generic, harsh chemicals to clean your exercise equipment and accessories, we're focused on eco-friendly. It refreshes your dirty and dingy equipment while making a minimal impact on the environment. 

Beyond getting stronger and moving your body more, our fitness Spritz is also an excellent choice for tidying up other items at home. Wipe down a high-touch area for a safer environment at home.

Safe for All Mats and Props

Chemicals with bleach and ammonia are effective cleaners but are also harsh on your equipment. But not all plant-based, eco-friendly sprays are created the same way and ensures safety. Depending on the ingredients, they can quickly stain your mats and other fitness props. 

We get it. You're invested in your health and fitness goals and want anything you buy to last as long as possible. Our Fitness Spritz works differently. It's safe to use, won't damage your things, and smells great. Try it on any of our products from mats to resistance bands. 

Paraben Free

Since the 1920s, companies have added phosphates and parabens to help increase the shelf life of skin care products, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and cleansers. Now we know parabens could be harmful and mimic the human hormone estrogen, which could cause interference with the balance of your body. It doesn't matter if you're male, female, or identify otherwise. A hormonal imbalance could impact your health.

Other people react to parabens, including rashes, flaking skin, and hives. The FDA may not have regulations around parabens, but we don't use them. Our Spritz is paraben and phosphate free.

Phosphate Free

Phosphates are common in detergents and cleansers to soften the water and enhance cleaning. But n reality, it can cause health problems and hazards to the environment. 

When phosphate residue sits on your workout mats and equipment, it can cause nausea, diarrhea, and skin irritation. Just think about how many times you're touching it and exposing yourself to harmful chemicals.

The planet also suffers when phosphates enter the waterways, stimulate the overgrowth of algae, and reduce the available oxygen in the water. The consequences point to a population decrease in living organisms.

Quality Nutrients

It makes sense that with a plant-based, paraben and phosphate-free formula that Spritz is packed with quality ingredients. Spritz contains a coconut oil derivative, sapphora seed extract, an enzyme, a propylene glycol solvent, sodium citrate, and Rhamnolipid (surfactant). It's safe, eco-friendly, and helps keep your health in check while working on your fitness and movement goals.

It's always a good idea to check the label of any gym spritz or cleaner you use. Although it's safe and eco-friendly, some people are allergic to some ingredients, like coconut oil. 


No one wants to put a giant bottle of Spritz and cleanser in their gym bag to take to the gym or on vacation. Our Fitness Spritz comes in 5 fluid ounces, making it easy to put in your bag or purse. It's also discreet enough to tuck into your drawers or anywhere you work out at home.

Spray down your workout accessories before and after use. If you're really working up a sweat, you might want to add another shot of Spritz during a long session.

Ready to try it for yourself? Pick up a bottle of Spritz by Movéo and try it on one of our fitness mats, resistance bands, or other accessories. Shop all our collections and add more movement and fitness to your life. 

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