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7 Ways Resistance Bands Are Like a Gym in a Box

If you're having trouble staying motivated and getting to the gym on a regular basis, there are other ways to empower your fitness goals. Research shows that only 15.2% of gym members saw gyms as the best way to stay fit in 2021, which was a drop from 63.3% in 2020.

Resistance bands lower the barrier to getting started on your goals, staying motivated, and squeezing in a workout whenever you have time. If you're looking for a full-body workout, reach for the resistance bands for a gym in a box experience. Here's how they work.

Maximize Your Cardio

Resistance bands give your cardio a boost and offer an alternative to the usual treadmill routine. Because they're so versatile, resistance bands make it easy to enhance cardio workouts like jumping jacks, modified squats, knee-ups, squat hops, standing swim, and all your favorite exercises. 

Get Similar Results as Weight Training

Depending on the exercises you're doing, resistance bands can build more muscle than traditional weight training alone. The resistance bands tear your muscles to rebuild and become stronger, just like weights. But here's where resistance bands could win out as your go-to strength builder. Unlike dumbbells, resistance bands maintain the tension on your muscles throughout your workout and stimulate more growth. To maximize your results, reach for a heavy resistance band for the most intense workout.

Enhance Your Current Workout

Resistance bands add to your current workout, just like picking up the weights or hopping on an exercise machine at the gym. You can even use them with weights to add more resistance and muscle-building growth. But unlike the gym, you can take resistance bands with you whether you want to work out on vacation, the park, or with an accountability partner.

Activate Your Core

A strong core gives you strength and stability through your midsection. Resistance bands pair perfectly with core-focused exercises and emphasize muscle lengthening contraction. You can even work your way to toned abs, obliques and create more pelvic stability and spine stabilization.

Vary Your Workout

One of the upsides to joining a gym is how many different machines and classes you can join. You can still get in that variety you want with the power of resistance bands. They pair well with just about any workout and can be used outdoors, in small spaces, or at the gym. Resistance bands also get bonus points for preventing injuries; it's difficult to overdo it, and unlike weights, resistance bands don't break toes when you accidentally drop them.

Lose Weight

Resistance training is shown to promote weight loss, whether you're using machines or resistance bands. You're increasing muscle and giving your cardio routine a boost. We already touched on how resistance bands help you activate and lengthen your core, which can help with stubborn belly fat.

Keep in mind there's more to getting fit than weight loss. If the scale isn't moving, start measuring your body and checking the fit of your clothes to see the difference.

Get In a Good Stretch

Resistance bands are highly adaptable and come in a variety of levels. A heavy resistance band helps with muscle growth and a more intense workout. Choose a light resistance to get in a good stretch before or after a workout. You'll improve your flexibility and help soothe aching muscles. 

Pick Your Own Gym in a Box

Resistance bands are like a gym in a box that is versatile and effective that targets everything from cardio to muscle gain. Choose your favorite patterns and colors for a resistance band collection in light, medium, and heavy for a full-body workout that gets results. Browse our entire selection of resistance bands here.

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~ The Movéo Team

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