How to Get Fit in the New Year

How to Get Fit in the New Year

You may be one of the 41% of Americans who make New Year's resolutions, but by the end of the year, studies show that only 9% feel they are successful in keeping them. Those figures may look discouraging but is an opportunity to rethink how you approach New Year's Resolutions for achievable success. Here's how to get started. 

Break Down Your Goals

New Year's resolutions are usually overly ambitious, blanket promises instead of achievable goals. Instead of saying, "I want to lose 10 pounds by summer," think about your goals as tangible milestones. Your first goal might be working out four times a week for an entire month. The next milestone could be fitting into the jeans you outgrew a few months ago. Make the goals small, achievable, and realistic. If you believe you can do it, you'll get there faster than trying to convince yourself that you can.

Make It Easy to Workout

Working out for hours a day at the gym isn't usually achievable for most people. When your workout is too challenging, you're likely to fail before you get started. Instead, focus on easy ways to work out whenever you have time. Grab your favorite resistance bands and exercise mat and find 20-minutes in your day to work on calisthenics, cardio, and strength training. Identify one day a week for a longer, more intense workout.

Keep It Fun

No one can stick to a tedious, boring, and too challenging New Year's resolution. Make your workout a fun and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Team up with a friend and join a fitness class, start taking long walks with your dog in the evenings for some bonding time, or take up a new hobby like cycling or horseback riding. When you look forward to your workout, you're more likely to stick to it.

Focus on Nutrition

Getting fit is more than moving your body but focusing on a healthier diet. Eating junk food will quickly unravel all of your efforts at the gym. Just like your workout, your eating habits should be realistic. Try eating more whole foods, like fruits and veggies, and limiting indulgences to once a day or less. Over time, you're likely to crave the daily apple more than the salty chips that leave you feeling sluggish. 

Skip the Fads

Fads come and go quickly, and so do their results. Trends are often marketing tactics to sell a new diet or workout regimen that overpromises and is hard to stick to. Commit to tried and true tactics like healthier eating and moving your body more often. If you discover a fad you actually love, turn it into a long-term daily habit that offers longevity in your life. 

Change-Up Your Routine

Routines get old quickly, and soon you're skipping the regular workout or healthy dinner option. Changing up routine is key to staying motivated and keeping things interesting. Schedule different activities, like running or rollerblading, for your workouts, look for exciting and tasty recipes and entice your tastebuds. 

Adjust Your Mindset

The big secret to sticking to New Year's resolutions is your mindset. Instead of considering them as a monumental shift in your life, embrace your resolutions as part of your new daily habit. They're no longer a passing fad or insurmountable goal but part of your day-to-day where you're fast-tracking your health and fitness.

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