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How to Help Kids Get More Active

Kids aren't playing outdoors from sun up until dinnertime anymore, let alone getting enough of the recommended 60 minutes or more of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity each day. Research shows that 80% of children ages 11 to 17 aren't physically active enough.

The good news is your kids can enjoy moving their bodies again with these tips for staying active. 

Turn Exercise Into Playtime

Exercise and getting fit shouldn't be one more thing your kids have to do or approach as a dreaded chore. Instead, make their fitness and health all about moving their bodies more. Prioritize fun again with a family game of tag or basketball, or hit the neighborhood pool for a friendly swim competition.

Empower Your Kids with Fun Accessories

Make exercise more interesting with fitness accessories designed with kids in mind. From unicorn-themed towels mats to space-inspired cooling towels, here are some of our favorites just for kids:

Girl Power Dual-Sided Cooling Towel

The "Girl Power Dual Sided Cooling Towel" offers one side of cooling and the opposite side of soft microfiber, perfect for outdoor sports or other activities in a spirited design. Kids can wear it around their necks to stay cool and enjoy how fashion-forward it is.

I <3 Unicorns Premium Exercise KIDS Mat

Your kids will love the "I <3 Unicorns Premium Exercise KIDS Mat" with a microfiber suede top and a non-slip surface that makes yoga, outdoor fitness, and playtime more comfortable and colorful. 

I Need More Space Dual-Sided Cooling Towel

Your kids need the "I Need More Space Dual-Sided Cooling Towel" to cool themselves on one side and enjoy a soft microfiber fabric on the other.

Boho Premium Exercise KIDS Mat

Make fitness a family affair with the Boho Premium Exercise KIDS Mat. It comes with a non-slip surface, premium microfiber suede top, and a carrying strap, making it easy to play or get fit anywhere.

Set Family Goals Together

Instead of setting individual goals for your kids' daily activities, decide what to strive for as a family. Empower your kids to take ownership of their fitness and health, whether working up to a family hike, swimming more laps than ever, or playing a game of softball against the neighbors. Encourage your kids to keep reaching for their goals watch as they do the same thing for you.

Introduce A New Activity

Anything can get boring, including that beloved family walk day after day. Keep things fresh and exciting by introducing a new activity, like frisbee golf or Nerf football, to put the spirit back into getting fit and moving your body more. Let kids give their input on the activities they want, including indoor rock climbing, an afternoon of horseback riding, or a visit to the trampoline park. 

Turn Getting Fit Into a Daily Habit

It's easier to make a habit of moving your body when you attach it to something you're already doing daily. Walk to school together a few times a week or throw a dance party before the weekly movie night. The more fitness feels like part of a daily or weekly routine, the more likely your kids will stick to it. 

Be a Good Role Model

If you're not getting fit yourself, you could unintentionally sabotage your children's fitness success. Research shows that children who say two-thirds of parents do "almost no physical activity" are 50% at greater risk of being unfit. Inspire them with your fitness goals, talk positively about moving your body more, and let them see you participating in physical activities you enjoy. 

Next Steps

Ready to help your kids get moving? Browse our entire selection of the best premium exercise kids mats, cooling towels, and more and more to empower yourself to succeed.

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