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How to Use Resistance Bands for Endurance

Weights may focus on building serious muscles, but resistance bands work on multiple muscle groups for a full-body workout. Whether you want to bulk up or tone up, here's how to use resistance bands to build more endurance. 


If you love deadlifts but not the weights involved, you can get a similar impact with a resistance band. Place the band on the floor with your feet on top of it and a little more than shoulder length apart. Pick up the ends of your bands and pull up to perform deadlifts.

Banded Pull-Downs

Banded pull-downs can help with endurance in your lats, reduce tension in your shoulders and back, and help tone biceps, forearms, abs, deltoids, and upper back. When done correctly, banded pull-downs also help correct posture problems, so you have more endurance and energy throughout the day.

Secure your resistance band on an elevated hook or door frame and kneel on the ground. Grab the band with your hands wider than shoulder-width apart. As you bring your shoulder blades down to pull the band, tighten your core. Go through your exercises slowly while retaining as much tightness in your band as possible.

Banded Lunges

Banded lunges work major muscles starting from your waist down. They're an ideal exercise for glutes, quads and strengthen your hips and core. Start by placing your resistance band directly under one foot and grab the ends of your resistance band in both hands. Bend your arms and hold your band in place as you work through lunges. Do 10 or 20 reps on one side before switching to the other leg.

Banded Squat

Banded squats uplevels your regular routine by varying the tension to create more tension. Wrap around your highs and spread your legs apart around shoulder length apart or wider. Start doing squats in reps of 10 or 20 to activate your glutes, quads, and hip adductors.

Banded Plank

Planks are already renown for building up more endurance in your core. Make it even more challenging by adding a resistance band to your routine. You can attach your band to a sturdy object and pull it with your arm underneath your body until your hand is at your shoulder. Or wrap around your ankles and alternate leg lifts while you plank. 

Lateral Walk

If you can do a lateral walk, you can do a banded version for increased hip and knee joint stability while challenging your hip abductors. Wrap your brand around your thighs or ankles and do a light squat while walking laterally. Mix up the routine by walking back and forth to feel the impact in your booty 

Hip Abduction

Give your hips a workout by standing next to a wall and balancing with your hand for support. Keep your resistance band around your ankles and leave your leg to the side while squeezing your glute. Work on keeping your body straight and return your leg to the starting position. Do 10 to 20 reps before switching to workout the other side.

Remember, the key in seeing results in your routine is keeping it realistic and staying persistent. Make your next workout challenging and fun to scale up to the results you want.

Keeping moving,

~ The Movéo Team

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