The Best Fitness Cooling Towels

The Best Fitness Cooling Towels

Cooling towels are a cornerstone of moving your body more, getting fit, and hitting your exercise goals. But do they really work, and do you need one? Here's what to know about the best fitness cooling towels and whether or not they're worth the investment. 

Absorb Excess Sweat

Most people reach for their first cooling towel for comfort. Cooling towels are lightweight and designed to help soak up excess sweat and moisture. As the water evaporates, the towel cools, making for a satisfying and rewarding experience. Best of all, cooling towels are also easy to ring out and start the process all over again. 

Regulate Your Body Temperature

Because cooling towels absorb and evaporate moisture, you benefit as the entire towel cools. Instead of dealing with the heat of a run or workout, you can rely on your cooling towel to help regulate your body temperature.

Nothing replaces good hydration, but the addition of a cooling towel helps keep your body going through a challenging workout. Cooling towels and hydration also work together to help you regulate your body. You sweat to release heat and cool down, and your towel helps the cycle move forward.

Enjoy a Slip-Free Experience

Not all cooling towels are the same, but ours are designed with comfort and safety in mind. One side helps cool, while the other side contains microfiber for comfort and a slip-free experience. It won't fall off your neck or slide off equipment, putting you at risk. 

Focus on Multi-Functional

Cooling towels should be multifunctional, so you can use them in various workouts. The gym is a great place to start and is ideal for hanging around your neck on the treadmill or nautilus machines.

Movéo's dual-sided cooling towels are also ideal for hot yoga and actually staying cool in a warm room. Or tie one of our workout towels on as a bandana during hiking and kayaking. However you use them, our towels are multifunctional and can be used for just about any activity.

Get an Eco-Friendly Product

Not all cooling towels are eco-friendly, but we pride ourselves on our limited impact on the environment. We create vegan products to help you get moving and stay fit in style and comfort. Our towels are also machine washable on the gentle cycle. Just lay it flat to dry before grabbing it for your next workout. 

Make Working Out on the Road Easier

It's easy to derail your movement and fitness efforts on vacation or a business trip. But with a good pair of shoes and a cooling towel, there's no reason not to work out when you're on the road. You have everything you need to hit the hotel gym, go for a run, or hike somewhere new. 

Invest In Your Health and Convenience

Cooling towels are incredibly affordable and a simple investment in your health and convenience. You can take them with you anywhere; they fit easily in a gym bag or purse and can be used to keep you cool on a hot day. Because they're so easy to use and help regulate your body, they make working out more accessible than ever before. 

Shop for the Best Fitness Cooling Towels

There are hundreds of cooling towels on the market, but not all are created with your health and the environment in mind. Movéo creates eco-friendly, vegan products designed to help you keep your body moving. They're also fun and stylish and help motivate you to hit your movement and fitness goals. 

Browse our entire selection of cooling towels, exercise mats, floor discs, foldable travel mats, resistance bands, and more to empower yourself to succeed.

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