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7 Reason to Warm-Up Before Your Next Work Out

Are you looking for ways to maximize your workout while optimizing your overall health? Whether you want to move your body more, get fit, or build up your endurance and stamina, a good warm-up is a game-changer for your goals. Research shows that 79% reported improved performance after warm-ups, making it a win no matter your goals.

Before you get started, take a look at why warming-up is so important and what to do next.

1) Helps Increase Muscle Temperature

When you get your muscles moving, your body temperature rises, and your oxygen binds to your hemoglobin. The results? You end up with more readily available oxygen to keep your muscles working, which could lead to more endurance and stamina in your next workout.

2) Get In Your Mental Zone

Exercise isn't just about your body moving more and getting stronger; it can also help you prepare mentally. The warm-up is the time to clear your head and get ready for your workout. You end up with better focus and concentration and may feel less intimidated by your goals.

3) Increases Your Flexibility

As your body temperature increases, you may notice your joints loosening up and feeling less stress on your tendons. Your body is getting ready to tackle more intense movements that require flexibility to get there. When you're flexible, you can work on bigger challenges and decrease your injury risk. 

4) Work Out Harder (and Smarter)

The goal of a workout is challenging yourself, not making it harder to work out. It's challenging to go from zero to crushing it with no warm-up in between. Taking the time to warm-up is a signal to your body that you're ready to work and are building the confidence to step into your next activity. From flexibility to mental fitness, you end up working out harder and smarter. 

5) Improve Your Response Time

A warm-up helps your body get coordinated and in sync. Your brain becomes more alert and responds faster to the movement you're focused on achieving. As a result, you can also translate that improved response time to everyday life. The more you trust your brain and instincts, the more likely you will respond quickly. 

6) Reduce the Potential for Soft Tissue Injury

Injuries are not uncommon in workouts and can put a strain on your joints or muscles, including your hamstrings. A warm-up of light cardiovascular exercise and stretches helps gently increase your level of intensity from zero to intense. 

7) Your Hormones Get In Check

Hormones are an essential part of your overall health and movement. For example, cortisol and epinephrine are responsible for helping regulate your energy production, which can make or break your workout.

As you warm-up, you help balance your hormones and signal the release of more carbohydrates and fatty acids to ready themselves for energy production. The more energy you have, the more likely you are to crush your fitness goals.

Get the Best Warm-Up Accessories

You can warm-up without anything but your own body and a fitness mat, but the right accessories streamline the process and make it more fun and engaging.

Try our body bands or resistance bands that can help you stretch and warm-up or build up to a full-blown workout routine without missing a beat. 

Or reach for our dual-sided floor sliding disks for a versatile piece of equipment that translates from warm-up to workout. They help work your core muscles while helping build strength and definition.

How Long Should You Warm-Up?

There's not an exact science behind how long you should warm-up, but even a few minutes is better than nothing. Shoot for at least five to ten minutes and start slowly while transitioning into the pace of your usual workout routine. Aim to work on your major muscle groups with cardio and range-of-motion exercises, including jumping jacks and lunges.

Next Steps

Ready to warm-up your body and reach your fitness and movement goals? Browse our entire selection of the best floor discs for women, cooling towels, exercise mats, foldable travel mats, resistance bands, and more to empower yourself to succeed.

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