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Ways to Stay Fit During Holiday Travel

The holidays are upon us, and we can practically taste the turkey (or tofurkey) and all the trimmings. Instead of giving in to over-indulging, balance it with new fitness goals while enjoying a tasty feast. Make your goal getting in some exercise, fresh air, and keeping yourself from that turkey coma.

From travel accessories to innovative workout ideas, here's how to stay fit on the road.

Bring Your Resistance Bands

You don't need weights to tone up and build muscle while on the road. Bring portable and colorful resistance bands that help you stay fit. From deadlifts to arm curls, you can recreate your favorite weight workouts with the help of your resistance bands. Stand on your resistance bands while pulling the ends like weights or tie off to a sturdy piece of furniture to get in a full-body workout. 

Use Your Body Weight

Whether you're working out in your hotel room or in the airport, you can use your body weight to challenge yourself. Push-ups and planks are great places to start and can be done quickly and easily without much space. Focus on using your body weight with resistance bands to give your fitness goals a boost and target your core muscles.

Get a Gym Pass

If you're in town for a few days, ask around about a day pass to a local gym. Some will even offer free one-week trials or classes to generate some buzz. Some airports, like the San Francisco International Airport and the Baltimore-Washington International Airport, also offer on-site fitness and yoga rooms. 

Take an Online Class

Online classes are a fun way to get in shape with the help of your smartphone or laptop. Consider committing to a single class or sign-up for a monthly package and choose from various workouts. If you're on a shoestring budget, browse YouTube until you find a class that suits your interests and available space. 

Take a Dip

Make the most of your hotel or Airbnb by hitting the pool or nearby beach. Focus on laps and building up your endurance and heart rate before relaxing in the hot tub. You can also check on public pools and community centers to inquire if they offer aqua workouts at their swimming pools.

Bring a Foldable Travel Mat

A fitness mat is a must when you're traveling so you can get down on the ground wherever you are. Workout right in the airport, the hotel, or park with a Foldable Travel Mat is lightweight, convenient, and can go with you anywhere. It's slim enough to fold up but still comfortable to use with a microfiber suede top, a non-slip surface, and made from eco-friendly, all vegan materials. 

Workout During Your Layovers

In this day in age, we're well past the point where layovers are predictable and consistent. Today we're preparing for long waits and layovers while we navigate a new way of traveling. Come equipped with your resistance bands, travel mat, and a willingness to work out right in the airport. Find an empty corner and get in some push-ups, squats, and any workouts you can do in a small space. If you're not up for working out at your gate, take a brisk walk around the airport to get your heart rate up.

Ditch the Car

Once you get to your destination, why rely on a car when you can go by foot or bicycle instead? Look for bike shares ahead of time to rent by the hour. Choosing to stay more central to town or near public transportation also helps you stay on foot as much as possible.

No matter where you're headed for the holidays, make the most of it by staying fit on the road. Beyond off-setting those holiday treats, staying fit will help you feel good and have enough energy to get through all that family togetherness. 

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