What to Do When You Have No Idea How to Get Fit

What to Do When You Have No Idea How to Get Fit

Whether you've never really felt in shape or lost focus on your fitness goals, it's never too late to start. Getting your body moving and improving your health is always within reach. Here's how to approach your goals and empower yourself to succeed.

Rethink Getting Fit as Moving Your Body

Instead of going all in on the idea of "fitness," focus on movement. Fit is a subjective term that means different things to everyone. It's also not a very specific goal or a good measurement for your success.

Reframe your fitness goals and focus on moving your body instead. Start with at least 20-minutes and go for a walk, do a light workout, or go for a swim. The more you think of your health goals as a movement oriented, the more empowered you'll feel to succeed. 

Use Affordable, Effective Accessories

You don't need expensive gym equipment or a fitness membership to achieve your health goals. Instead, you can invest in affordable and practical accessories that are easy to use at home, on vacation, or on the go.

Resistance Bands

Our resistance bands are created from premium cotton elastic bands with comfortable and soft material. With an anti-slip barrier, you'll enjoy working out with a medium to heavy resistance that helps improve your glute strength and overall performance. 

Sliding Discs

Our sliding discs come in a variety of designs to keep you motivated while you get moving. Enjoy multi-functioning slides with a fabric surface that effortlessly glide against tile, wood, laminate, or similar floors. 

Exercise Mat

An exercise mat is a must-have to make the most of yoga or a workout at home or the gym. It's eco and vegan-friendly that comes with a non-slip surface that increases the grip. Just spray lightly with water or your favorite essential oil to maximize the grip. 

Choose Something You Enjoy

Why spend time working out if you don't even enjoy it? Instead, choose movement-based activities you love, like hiking, yoga, speed walking with a friend, or rollerblading. The more you enjoy the activity, the more you'll feel like you're having fun instead of checking off a box to work out.

Start Small

Getting your body moving and enhancing your health is a lifelong pursuit, so it's okay to start small and slowly work your way up to increased fitness levels. Here are a few ways to start small and keep motivated:

  • Start with sets of 10 with your resistance bands, push-ups, squats, lunges, and anything else you're working on
  • Walk at least 20-minutes a day, three days a week, and work up to daily or longer walks
  • Work on weight lifting or resistance training for 10 minutes twice a day until you can work up to a longer session a few times a week

Focus on Healthy Eating

If you want to transform your physique and improve your energy and endurance, you also need to focus on healthier eating. Just like with your fitness goals, start small and pick foods you enjoy. Make a list of some of your favorite fruits and veggies and incorporate more of your favorite natural treats, from cherries to frozen bananas with a drizzle of chocolate. 

Team Up with an Accountability Buddy

Everyone needs some support and inspiration in their life to reach their goals. Teaming up with an accountability buddy increases your chances of hitting your goals and makes it more fun in the process.

Studies show that when someone publicly shares their goals, they have a 65% chance of success. But when you add an accountability partner to the mix, you have a 95% chance of succeeding.

Stay Consistent

Getting your body moving doesn't have to be hard work, but it does require consistency for success. Schedule time to work with your resistance bands, take a walk, or get in a workout. Make your time commitment realistic, whether it's 20-minutes or an hour, but the goal is to set yourself up for success with manageable goals. 

Shop for Success

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